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St Johns Wood NW8

Pilates Tonic offers high-quality, bespoke Pilates sessions in an equipment based studio within a cosy and relaxing space. Pilates Tonic Studio is located off Abbey Road, St Johns Wood, previously located at West 1 Physiotherapy, Harley Street.

Our classes are designed to provide a personal, focused exercise programme to meet the specific requirements of each client. Whether you are preparing for surgery or pregnancy, recovering from injury, or just want to improve your general athletic and sports ability, Pilates Tonic is uniquely equipped with both experience and equipment to meet your needs.

Offering bespoke, precise and caring Pilates sessions


  • Develops a strong core
  • Improves posture, flexibility and muscle tone
  • Increases breathing capacity, co-ordination and balance
  • Connects body and mind 
  • Enhances body’s athletic ability
  • Provides Pre & Post-natal care
  • Prevents and helps recover from injuries
  • Offers sport-specific exercises i.e. Pilates for golfers or tennis players
  • Suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender and fitness level
Pilates St Johns Wood


  • Been doing Pilates with Neslihan for over a year...my back has never felt better.

  • Neslihan Ozdemir has been my Pilates teacher for several years. She specialises in Rehab Pilates. I went to her classes with severe lower back pain and over time she has helped to significantly reduce the pain and help me better manage my condition. The work we have done has improved my core muscles, my posture and contributed to my weight loss. Neslihan is patient, warm and encouraging and has a lovely sense of humour. In a Group session she is mindful of one's specific work out needs and sets incremental challenging targets. I strongly recommend her as a Pilates teacher.

  • Nes has been teaching me for over 5 years on a weekly basis. I enjoy coming in for my class as I have a full body stretch and workout. I am extremely pleased with the results especially after having my three children. I find Nes's teaching precise and her understanding of how the body works very knowledgeable.

  • I have had the opportunity to meet my Pilates teacher Neslihan who had been amazing to work with. I appreciate Neslihan’s composed presence, excellent teaching of Pilates and great sense of humour. She deeply cares about everyone she teaches and I strongly recommend her as the best Pilates teacher.

  • Pilates in general is something I now recommend to everyone, several sessions will transform body and mind and thus your life. Teachers I have been taught by are knowledgeable and patient people, but then there is Neslihan, nobody comes close to the ability, care and knowledge of Nes. Every session is adjusted to the exact needs and limits of the body on that specific day. Exercises are never too strenuous but never too easy, always spot on. Thanks to her my life is now pain free. In one word, Amazing ...

  • I have been seeing Nes for a few years now and cannot recommend her enough. I have had ongoing neck, shoulder and lower back problems for years and spent a great deal of time at the osteopath.   A good friend suggested I try Pilates and I was so delighted to meet Nes who was able to assess my issues and design a Pilates program specifically for my needs. I became a Pilates convert almost immediately because I felt so good after each session. I now have two sessions a week and have found Nes to be extremely knowledgeable, incredibly enthusiastic and one of the most professional and friendliest instructor I have met.  Amazingly I have not been back to the osteopath since my first Pilates session with her and I feel stronger and better than ever!

  • Having arrived in Harley Street with a back injury and a hugely cynical point of view on the benefits of Pilates, Neslihan quickly put me at ease and demonstrated the ‘core’ benefits of such exercise in a very short space of time; to the point I looked forward to every subsequent session. Being taught by someone as professional and fun as Neslihan is a real pleasure.

  • Having worked with Nes to help with poor posture and lower back issues, I was delighted with my improved body shape, muscle tone and increased strength and vitality that I experienced as a result of the Pilates sessions. Nes is very professional, has a warm and friendly manner and she was very quickly able to identify the best Pilates exercises for me to improve my overall health.

  • Neslihan is an excellent teacher: very focussed and with the ability to push so that you feel the challenge and achievement as you learn. She never leaves you exhausted and so you always want to come back for more. She is very careful with injuries or back ache.

  • I've never been keen on the idea of taking exercise and hate the gym but I really look forward to each of my Pilates lessons with Neslihan. Her lessons are meticulous and thorough. I have toned up and improved my suppleness.

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